Three treatments for acne

Pimples are a horrible fact of life for teens, as well as some adults. While there isn't any overnight way to get rid of pimples, there are ways that you speed up the healing process. You do have a few different options when it comes to acne care. Of course, prevention is your first course of action so make sure that you keep your face clean and moisturized to minimize the risk of pimples.

Natural Treatments

Natural treatments are usually the first type of treatment you should try since these don’t use harsh chemicals. Lemon, honey, cinnamon, and papaya are all great natural foods that you can use to help get rid of acne fast. You can find great suggestions for how to use these natural methods on this website. Since they are covered in depth there, I won't go over them here.

Over-the-Counter Treatments

Over-the-counter treatments include soaps, gels, masks, and other medications that are available without a prescription. Many of these use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These products can be very drying, so use caution if you decide to use them. If you notice your skin peeling, reduce the frequency you apply the medication.

Prescription Treatments

If natural treatments and over-the-counter treatments don't work, you may have to visit the dermatologist. A dermatologist can help you treat acne with prescription strength medications that are usually more effective than other methods. Prescription treatments are also fairly harsh and might dry your skin out. Because of this, you must work with your doctor to ensure that your treatment plan helps your skin instead of harming it.

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