Accessories for Busy Moms on a Budget

Bracelet from OBcesserized

Keeping up with the current fashion trends can be a nightmare. Trying to figure out what is in style and what looks good isn't always easy, especially for busy moms who are trying to care for a family. OBcesserized has come up with an affordable solution to the problem of trying to find accessories that are trendy, stylish, and affordable.

Subscription service
OBcesserized offers a monthly subscription service. As of this review, the subscription service is a very affordable $35 per month. For that price, you will receive four to five accessories per month. That means you are only paying $7 to $9 per accessory. When you sign up for the service, you answer a questionnaire that helps the company learn your personal style. From this questionnaire, the package of accessories is customized just for you.

Necklace from OBcesserized
Individual pieces for sale
The OBcesserized website offers a few items that you can purchase individually. The FAQ page clarifies that the pieces on the Sale page aren't the items that are included in the monthly subscription service. The individual items are simply supplemental items that anyone can purchase.

Important facts

OBscesserized offers a full satisfaction guarantee. The subscription service is offered without obligation, so you aren't locked into a lengthy contract when you join. You can simply contact the company to stop your subscription at any point, but you probably won't want to do that.

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