Mardi Gras for Kids: Brief History and Craft Idea

Kids want to enjoy the Mardi Gras season just as much as the adults; however, some of the activities aren’t family friendly. If you want to help your child enjoy the Mardi Gras season, this king cake wreath is a great option. As you and your child work on the wreath, you can explain the history and the importance of the colors.

A Brief History of the Mardi Gras Colors
The history of the Mardi Gras colors dates back to 1872 as an honor to Russian Grand Duke Alexis Alexis Alexandrovich Romanoff. Grand Duke Romanoff suggested the colors, which were made official by Rex. The meaning behind these three colors was confirmed during the “Symbolism of Colors” Rex parade in 1892.

The Meaning of the Colors

  • Purple is said to symbolize justice.
  • Gold is said to symbolize power.
  • Green is said to symbolize faith.

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