Are Students More Than Standardized Test Scores? Apparently, BSU Doesn't Think So

File:Csotd1.jpgA school in Gary, Indiana is slated to close at the end of this school year. Charter School of the Dunes operates under a charter with Ball State University. The university has opted not to renew the charter at the end of this year. It states the school remaining open isn’t in the best interest of the students because of failing standardized test scores.

Teachers and parents of the students state that the children are actually thriving, despite the failing standardized test scores. It would seem like Ball State University officials could take a look into how the students are doing in class while looking past the standardized test scores before deciding to close the school.

Mrs. Briggs, a teacher at the school, states that children are often at least one grade level behind when they come to the school. She states that the teachers can often get the kids caught up within a year’s time. Now, if these children are far behind when they get to the school, what makes the university think that the school will fare well on standardized tests?

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