United Airlines Still Profiles Pit Bulls Despite Lifting Ban

United Airlines has listened to the public. Prompted by a petition on Change.org, the airline has lifted its ban against allowing pit bulls and eight other breeds to fly. This change, however, comes at a price for pit bull owners.

When most dogs fly, they can fly in a plastic crate as long as it is deemed safe for air travel. The nine breeds on the United Airlines ban lift will have to fly in a metal crate that doesn’t have any plastic components at all. Additionally, the door has to be secured in a way that ensures it won’t accidentally come open during the loading phase, flight or disembarking phase of the dog’s journey.

While United Airlines did take a small step in the right direction by lifting the ban, it is still profiling these breeds. Whether or not pit bull owners and the owners of the other breeds profiled will begin to use United Airlines to fly and ship their dogs remains unseen.

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